Discover GREENC's Creative EV Charging Solutions for Diverse Industries

As a leading brand in the electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment manufacturing industry, GREENC is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and reliability. Our customer-focused solutions are crafted to address the unique requirements of individuals, enterprises, and sectors.

With our comprehensive range of EV charging solutions, we aim to offer the best experiences to EV owners and operators across different usage scenarios. Whether you are a homeowner looking for private charging options, a commercial parking operator, or an educational institution seeking to embrace sustainable transportation, we have the ideal solution customized just for you.

Various EV Charging Solutions


Promoting smart EV charging solutions that utilize clean energy into your cities, meeting the growing requirement of electric vehicles.

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Introducing EV charging infrastructure into educational institutions, good for nurturing sustainability and practical amenity.

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Providing convenience and demonstrates eco-friendly values to employees by installing EV charging stations.

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Cater to the EV charging needs for your guests, creat environmental hotel or resort to appeal more clients.

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Offering EV charging infrastructure to improve hospitals environment and build greener future.

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Parking Operators

Optimize your EV charging facilities  to meet the demanding of electric vehicles increasing.

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Building environmental community with clean energy for your residents, increasing satisfaction and stability.

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Green Housing

Integrate EV charging infrastructure to demonstrate leadership and commitment to earn LEED points.

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Set up EV charging stations with the increasing trend of eco-awareness to reduce carbon emission.

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Property Developers

Enhancing your reputation within the industry and local community, abtain the potential outlook.

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Implementing our tailored EV charging solutions to embrace a greener planet for human being.

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Appeal more customer to consume at your store and increase your revenue with the convinient EV solutions.

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Recommended Products

  • Current: 32A/40A/48A
  • Output Power: 7kW, 9.6kW, 11.5kW
  • Intelligent dual temperature control
  • Different styles for choose (classic, premium)
  • Voltage: 220V-480V
  • Output Power: 7kW(1 phase), 11kW(3 phase), 22kW(3 phase)
  • Scratch-resistant surface design
  • Optional styles (classic, premium)
  • Continuous monitoring of charging status in real-time
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Comprehensive safety safeguards
  • Manage your device on phone simply
  • Equipped with SAE J1772 plug, compatible with most of the EVs
  • Output Power: 3.5kW, 7kW, 9.6kW
  • Versatile Safe Protection
  • Smart Display function
  • Equipped with Type 2/IEC 62196-2 plug, compatible with most of the EVs in current market.
  • Output Power: 3.5kW, 7kW
  • Real-time monitor, 16-foot cable
  • Charing Without Hindrance
  • Higher power for a faster charging speed, max.40A
  • Max. 5 different charging  current adjustable
  • 2.4 inch LCD screen to display plug temperature, current, time etc.
  • Intelligent dual temperature control, ensures power safety by automatically shutting off at high temperatures
  • Max. 4 different current for choose
  • High performance with multiple protection like over voltage, leakage, over temperature etc.
  • With time-lapse feature enhances charging experience
  • Charging progress displayed via LED indicators for user-friendly monitoring
  • Comply with IEC 62196-2 (Mennekes, Type 2) EU European standard
  • Output Current: 32A
  • Cable Specification: 3*6mm²+1*0.5mm², TPU OD: 13.5mm
  • Comply with  IEC 62196-2 (Mennekes, Type 2) EU European standard
  • Output Current: 16A
  • Cable Specification: 5*2.5mm²+1*0.5mm², TPU OD: 13.5mm
  • Volatage: 380-480V
  • Output Current: 32A
  • Cable Specification: 5*6mm²+1*0.5mm², TPU OD: 16.8mm
  • IP65 water and dust resistance rating
  • Possessing superb heat and weather resistance

  • Compatible with any Type 2 – Type 2 electric vehicle & any Type 2 home or public charge point.

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