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Various EV Charging Solutions for Your Need

GREENC is a distinguished EV charging stations manufacturer in China, we proud to introduce our diverse lineup of electric vehicle chargers. Our offerings comprise four distinct series: the Series M EV charging station, the Wallbox EV Charging Station C Series, the Home Compact EV Charging Station S1 Series, and the Smart Home EV Charging Station S2 Series. Each series seamlessly integrates advanced features including RFID, APP, and OCPP 1.6 support, each of them suitable for commercial and residential use.

Our Level 2 AC EV chargers offer flexible installation options, with both wall-mounted and pedestal-mounted configurations available to suit diverse requirements. With certifications including TUV, ETL, CE, FCC and more, our products adhere to the highest quality standards, making them perfectly aligned with regulations in key market regions such as Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.

We  support OEM customization, allowing you to tailor our solutions to your specific needs.

The GREENC series M Type 1 EV charging station is sleek and aesthetical design, compectitive price, up to 48 amps is ideal for easier and faster home and business charging experiences. It has classic and premium styles, the classic style is only basic LED indicator, but the premium style is combined LCD display and LED indicator.

  • With 11.5kW of available power at 48 amps
  • Resitant for any weather, robuster than ever
  • Comply with all local regulatory requirements

The level 2 EV charger is designed with flexibility in mind, with its compact form and multiple installation to fit any location. The price is competitive, and charging history is easy to manage on your phone.

  • Tethered Cable for immediate plug-and-go charging
  • Mange charging session remotely
  • Schedule your charging during off-peak hours where available

The circle wallbox  is a unique EV charging point for you install at outdoor or parking lot, it deliver a maximum power of 22kW(three phase) and come with weather-resistant housing. The charger allows APP, RFID   operations which according to your request, you can control the device and monitor the charging status on phone simply. The EV Charger is equipped with built-in safety features, safeguarding both vehicle and user during extended charging sessions.

  • Continuous monitoring of charging status in real-time
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Comprehensive safety safeguards
  • Manage your device on phone simply

This EV charging station is easily set up and control charging status using your home Wi-Fi or bluetooth network. with the newly APP, you can manage the device and check the progress in real time, or set up charging time as your plan. It also allows work with OCPP or RFID function, ideal for internal installation in hotel, workplace or groups with restricted usage scenarios.

  • Full safety protection
  • Simple setup for indoor or outdoor use
  • Enable multiple cell phone control for convenient family use.
  • Tailored color and size to meet client preferences

GREENC’s smart home EV charging station provides reliable and safe charging experience for electric vehicles, the product delivers power of 7kW, 12kW and 22kW. The control box produced with  aluminum and plastic material which is flame retardant, and  charging plug manufactured with IP65 grade material. they both against the extremely weather outdoor.

  • Customize logo and color
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Features RFID, APP, and OCPP support
  • Ideal for residential or commerical use

GREENC EV Charging stations’ Advantages

Unique Design

The stylish and beautiful EV charging stations of GREENC are design by the professional team, they are ideal for home and commercial use. And have a unique sight and practical whether installed indoors or outdoors.

Safety Feature

Our EV chargers are equipped with many protective functions and meet all safety and regulation, This ensures that users are protected from various electrical influences, especially in harsh environments. Our chargers can be worked in environments -30 °C and high temperatures of 50°C.

Simple to Use

The charging stations are easy and convenient for user to charge their car, they all come with play and plug charge feature, or can be activated by swiping an RFID card or controlled via user’s moblie app.

Quality Guaranteed

We provide the durable EV chargers with 2-year worry-free warranty, our team support customers with 24/7 service for the charging solutions.

Satisfaction Services

Tailored EV chargers and charging solutions based on the requests, we offering the one-stop service to meet client’s need, to cater their EV charing experience.

Customizable Support

We provide the customize services based on clients’ need, sunch as customize your logo, charger payment methord, or cable color, length and the charging plug type accordingly.

The Basics Before Order the EV Charging Stations

  • The EV charging stations are suitable for outdoor use, with high water resistance performance and working in good status in really bad weather, The charger can operate in temperatures ranging from -35°C to 55°C.

  • The product can be wall mounted or pedestal mounted install on the empty ground.

  • The sample order can be delived 7-14days after the formal order placed and made payment.

  • For the customized EV charging products will have the minumum order quantities.

  • For OEM EV charger, the delivery time will differ according to the customized details, after placing the order and making payment, the charger will be delivered 30 working days generally.

  • We provide various transportation method, such as sea tranport, air transport, rail transport or express delivery.             

  • GREENC provides different shipping service, like EXW, FOB, DAP terms etc.

Problem-Free Installation of GREENC EV Chargers

The EV charger comes with all installation accessories in the package box, requiring users to gather basic tools like impact drill, hammer and screwdriver for installation, the installation prcoss is simple, it will take less than half an hour to finish. It is important to ensure a precise connection of the power line during the installation process. You can install the EV charger outdoor or open-air place.

This product offers flexibility with two installation methods: wall-mounted and pole-mounted, providing customers with convenient options in different environments. For pole-mounted  installation, a matching pole is available for purchase.

GREENC EV charging station install steps

Different Industries with Ideal Chargers

Parking Operators
Green Housing
Property Developers

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of charging EVs at home?

With a home charger, you can park your EV in your garage overnight and let it charge in off-peak time to save cost. No need to make special trips to charging stations; you can charge your EV while you’re at home, saving time and effort.

How to install GREENC level 2 EV charging station at home?

The installation manual is design to provide you with no worry behind to finish the level 2 charger successfully. But we really recommend you hire a licensed electrican to ensure that the installation is done safely.

What is the cost to install a EV charging station at home?

The charge is $500-$2000 for a basic EV charging station installation, the cost contains the equipment, permitting, and installation labor involved in the installation process.

What is the best choice to charge an EV at home?

The best choice to charge an EV at home is have a AC charging station, the level 2 charging station ensure your car get a fast charging speed, it’s more faster than level 1 charger.

Can I tailor my EV charger with our brand?

Yes, we provide the customization service to meet client needs, that include your own logo and exterior design,charging plug type and cable length or color. We help your charging business with easy and no worries.

How to order EV charger at GREENC?

Reach out to us and let our team know  what you are interested in. We will get back to you with recommended solutions acoodingly, if the EV charging solution suit for you, then we will offer you the best price and details for our products and service.

If the quotation is satisfied for you, then place the order and make the payment, we will process the production and deliver the products to you ASAP.

What is a Level 2 charging system?

A Level 2 charging system is a type of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure that delivers power to an EV using a 240-volt alternating current (AC) power source. This type of charging is faster than standard Level 1 charging, which typically uses a 120-volt AC outlet found in homes.

Do any EVs come with a Level 2 charger?

Electric vehicles (EVs) do not come with Level 2 chargers themselves as standard equipment. Instead, they are equipped with onboard charging systems that dictate the maximum charging rate the vehicle can accept, typically ranging from Level 1 to Level 3 charging capabilities.

However, some EV manufacturers may include a Level 1 charging cable (which can be plugged into a standard 120-volt household outlet) with the purchase of the vehicle. This allows EV owners to charge their vehicles using Level 1 charging when a higher-powered charging solution is not available.

For Level 2 charging, EV owners typically need to purchase a separate Level 2 charging station or wallbox and have it installed at their home or workplace. These Level 2 chargers provide faster charging speeds compared to Level 1 chargers and are commonly used for daily charging needs.

So, while EVs themselves do not come with Level 2 chargers, some may include a Level 1 charging cable for convenience. However, for Level 2 charging, owners need to invest in a separate charging station compatible with their EV’s onboard charging capabilities.

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  • Multiple charging solutions available
  • Compatible with most EVs
  • Adaptable for different types of businesses
  • Durable and workable safety features