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GREENC is dedicated to providing customized EV charging equipment and solution for both commercial and home use.

Building a Sustainable Future

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What Do We Focus On

Quality Control

Highlight stringent quality control processes throughout the manufacturing run. Ensure that every EV charger equipment meets high-quality standards and fulfills customer expectations.

Customer-Centric Strategy

Listen to clients’ needs and feedback patiently. We tailor your products and services to address special requirements. We work closly with client to care their thoughts.

Innovation & Customization

We provide alternative options to cater to diverse client demands. Our staff keep exploring new technologies and design concepts to enhance the feature of the EV charging equiments.

Reliable Delivery

We ensure timely and reliable delivery of charging produts to clients, meeting deadlines and maintaining customer satisfaction are our target.

Long-Term Partnerships

We aim to build long-term partnerships with customers. Creating value and offer reliable EV charging experience to make sure that they obtain the benefits.

Continuous Improvement

 Our EV charging device are designed to be energy-efficient, we use sustainable materials to reduce carbon footprint, to improve our sustainability practices.

EV charger manufacture

Who We Are

GREENC is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of electric vehicle chargers in China. Our specialization lies in delivering innovative and high-quality electric vehicle charging solutions for both business and residential applications.

Our product range mainly contains EV charging station wallbox, potable EV charger, EV charging cable, EV charging adapter and EV charging plug and EV charger holder related. Committed to meeting the evolving needs of our clientele, we provide comprehensive EV charging solutions and extend OEM and ODM services worldwide.

Why Choose GREENC

Trusted and Reliable

All our EV chargers are produced with protection from problems as over voltage, leakage, short circuit and more, they have been tested to meet the newly safety standards worldwide.

Customizable Services

We provide bespeak EV charging solutions, without worry of any issues, from order to deliver, the EV chargers will be suited your unique needs. We also offer round-the-clock assistance.

Reasonable Pricing

We have complete control over the production process due to we are manufacturer, we can offer you competitive price without additional markups.

EV charging cable Meticulous craftsmanship

Meticulous Craftsmanship

GREEC Customized EV Charging Plug

Customized Charger Plug

GREENC EV charger PCB testing

Specialized Tenical Testing

EV charger aging testing

Thorough Quality Control

GREENC engineering design

Skilled Engineering Support

Portable EV Charger

Semi-finished Products

Versatile EV Charging Solutions

GREENC’s customizable solutions can be tailored to organizations in a variety of industries


Promoting smart EV charging solutions that utilize clean energy into your cities, meeting the growing requirement of electric vehicles.


Introducing EV charging infrastructure into educational institutions, good for nurturing sustainability and practical amenity.


Providing convenience and demonstrates eco-friendly values to employees by installing EV charging stations.


Cater to the EV charging needs for your guests, creat environmental hotel or resort to appeal more clients.


Offering EV charging infrastructure to improve hospitals environment and build greener future.

Parking Operators

Optimize your EV charging facilities  to meet the demanding of electric vehicles increasing.


Building environmental community with clean energy for your residents, increasing satisfaction and stability.

Green Housing

Integrate EV charging infrastructure to demonstrate leadership and commitment to earn LEED points.


Set up EV charging stations with the increasing trend of eco-awareness to reduce carbon emission.

Property Developers

Enhancing your reputation within the industry and local community, abtain the potential outlook.


Implementing our tailored EV charging solutions to embrace a greener planet for human being.


Appeal more customer to consume at your store and increase your revenue with the convinient EV solutions.

We Are Compatible with All Major Electric Cars

Compatible With All Major EV Brands

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