EV Charging for Restaurant

Boost Comsumption Percentage With EV Charging Solutions

Implementing an EV charging solution for restaurants can offer a range of benefits that contribute to customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Offering EV charging stations can attract electric vehicle owners to your restaurant. These customers are likely to stay longer while their vehicles charge, increasing the chances of additional purchases and repeat visits.

EV charging for Restaurant

Attracting and Retaining Customers

Enhance Client Experience

Providing EV charging facilities demonstrates your commitment to customer convenience and modern amenities. It creates a positive impression and encourages a favorable dining experience.

Target a Growing Market

The adoption of electric vehicles is on the rise, and providing charging stations positions your restaurant to cater to an expanding customer segment.

Win Marketing Opportunity

Promote your restaurant as an EV-friendly destination. This can lead to joint marketing efforts and increased visibility within the EV community.

Employee Benefits

If your restaurant offers charging stations for employee use, it can be a valuable perk and demonstrate your commitment to staff well-being.

Adaptability for the Future

As the EV landscape evolves, your restaurant will be well-prepared to accommodate emerging EV technologies and charging standards.

Community Engagement

EV charging facilities can foster a sense of community around your restaurant, attracting gatherings of EV enthusiasts, meetups. Increase your revenue.

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Recommended Products

  • Current: 32A/40A/48A
  • Output Power: 7kW, 9.6kW, 11.5kW
  • Intelligent dual temperature control
  • Different styles for choose (classic, premium)
  • Voltage: 220V-480V
  • Output Power: 7kW(1 phase), 11kW(3 phase), 22kW(3 phase)
  • Scratch-resistant surface design
  • Optional styles (classic, premium)

Model No.: GRC-EV48A02US/GRC-EV32A02EU/ GRC-EV32A03EU

  • Continuous monitoring of charging status in real-time
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Comprehensive safety safeguards
  • Manage your device on phone simply

Mold No.: GRS1-EV48A03US/ GRS1-EV32A04EU/ GRS1-EV32A05EU

  • Full safety protection
  • Simple setup for indoor or outdoor use
  • Enable multiple cell phone control for convenient family use.
  • Tailored color and size to meet client preferences

Mold No.: GRS2-EV48A04US/ GRS2-EV32A06EU/ GRS2-EV32A07EU

  • Customize logo and color
  • versatile for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Features RFID, APP, and OCPP support
  • Ideal for residential using or commerical using

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  • Multiple charging solutions available
  • Compatible with most EVs
  • Adaptable for different types of businesses
  • Durable and workable safety features