EV Charging for Hospitality Industry

Cater to EV Charging Needs, Appeal More Environmental-Center Customers

Hospitality businesses can create a positive impact on the environment, cater to the needs of their guests, and position themselves as forward-thinking establishments in a changing automotive landscape.

It’s a way to performance commitment to sustainability while proving a convenient and valuable service to guests with electric vehicles.

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How We Can Benefit You and Your Guests

Attract and Retain Guests

Offering EV charging stations is advantage for hotels, resorts. It appeals environmentally conscious guests who have electric vehicles and build up the chance opportunities of repeat visits from those who value the convenience of the Charging on-site.

Surpass Your Competition

Not all hospitality businesses have EV charging facilities, so offering this service can set a property apart from its rivals and demonstrate its commitment to offering modern amenities.

Increase Guest Satisfaction

Guests with electric vehicles will appreciate the convenience of having access to charging stations during their stay. They will enjoy their time at the hotel without worrying about their vehicle’s battery level.

Public Reputation and Sustainability

Installing EV charging stations aligns with sustainability initiatives and showcases the hospitality business as environmentally responsible. This positive image can attract like-minded guests and foster goodwill in the community.

Expand Revenue Stream

By providing EV charging infrastructure the hotel can encourage guests to explore nearby attractions with their electric vehicles, helping tourists have a green-trip on the road, promoting local tourism and businesses revenue.

Eco-friendly Opportunity

Charging stations can provide valuable benefit on energy usage and charging patterns, allowing hotels to optimize their energy management strategies and make informed decisions related to sustainability efforts.

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Recommended Products

  • Current: 32A/40A/48A
  • Output Power: 7kW, 9.6kW, 11.5kW
  • Intelligent dual temperature control
  • Different styles for choose (classic, premium)
  • Voltage: 220V-480V
  • Output Power: 7kW(1 phase), 11kW(3 phase), 22kW(3 phase)
  • Scratch-resistant surface design
  • Optional styles (classic, premium)
  • Continuous monitoring of charging status in real-time
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Comprehensive safety safeguards
  • Manage your device on phone simply
  • Higher power for a faster charging speed, max.40A
  • Max. 5 different charging  current adjustable
  • 2.4 inch LCD screen to display plug temperature, current, time etc.
  • Intelligent dual temperature control, ensures power safety by automatically shutting off at high temperatures
  • Max. 4 different current for choose
  • High performance with multiple protection like over voltage, leakage, over temperature etc.
  • With time-lapse feature enhances charging experience
  • Charging progress displayed via LED indicators for user-friendly monitoring

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  • Multiple charging solutions available
  • Compatible with most EVs
  • Adaptable for different types of businesses
  • Durable and workable safety features