EV Charging for Property Developers

Providing Charging Facilities Can be Boosted Your Property Development

Implementing GREENC’S EV charging solution in property development that can enhance the value and appeal of your development while contributing to sustainability and customer satisfaction.

EV Charging for Property Development

How We Can Benefit Your Business

Attract Resident and Tenant

Offering EV charging infrastructure demonstrates your commitment to sustainability, attract environmentally conscious residents and businesses.

Competitive Advantage

Differentiate your property development from others in the market by providing a sought-after amenity. As EV adoption continues to rise, having charging stations on-site can give your property a competitive edge.

Increased Property Value

Your customers are willing to pay a premium for properties that offer convenient charging options, potentially leading to higher resale or rental prices.

Reinforce Satisfaction

Providing EV charging solutions enhances the convenience and satisfaction of residents and tenants who own electric vehicles. It can lead to positive word-of-mouth referrals and longer lease agreements.

Positive Public Relations

Your property development’s efforts to promote electric mobility and sustainability can result in positive media coverage, enhancing your reputation within the industry and the community.

Forward-Thinking Image

Incorporating EV charging solutions portrays your property development as forward-thinking and aligned with future trends. This can attract investors and partners who value innovation and sustainable practices.

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Recommended Products

  • Current: 32A/40A/48A
  • Output Power: 7kW, 9.6kW, 11.5kW
  • Intelligent dual temperature control
  • Different styles for choose (classic, premium)
  • Voltage: 220V-480V
  • Output Power: 7kW(1 phase), 11kW(3 phase), 22kW(3 phase)
  • Scratch-resistant surface design
  • Optional styles (classic, premium)

Model No.: GRC-EV48A02US/GRC-EV32A02EU/ GRC-EV32A03EU

  • Continuous monitoring of charging status in real-time
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Comprehensive safety safeguards
  • Manage your device on phone simply

Mold No.: GRS1-EV48A03US/ GRS1-EV32A04EU/ GRS1-EV32A05EU

  • Full safety protection
  • Simple setup for indoor or outdoor use
  • Enable multiple cell phone control for convenient family use.
  • Tailored color and size to meet client preferences

Mold No.: GRS2-EV48A04US/ GRS2-EV32A06EU/ GRS2-EV32A07EU

  • Customize logo and color
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Features RFID, APP, and OCPP support
  • Ideal for residential using or commerical using

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  • Multiple charging solutions available
  • Compatible with most EVs
  • Adaptable for different types of businesses
  • Durable and workable safety features