EV Charging Accessories

EV Charging Essentials: Enhancing Your EV Solutions

Apart from the EV charging cables themselves, EV charging accessories play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and effective functioning of both electric vehicles and EV charging stations.

GREENC offers a comprehensive selection of EV charging accessories that includes EV charging adapter, which serves as a bridge between different types of charging connectors, allowing electric vehicles to connect and charge with charging stations that might have a different plug configuration. We also offer EV charger holder, which are installed on EV charging stations, it’s convenient for you to keeping the charging area neat and organized.

Recognizing the diverse needs of our customers, we provide a comprehensive range of options, including standard and tailor-made solutions. Our product lineup is meticulously crafted to accommodate a wide spectrum of EV charging demands and specifications. This commitment guarantees that our clients access dependable and high-performing charging solutions, fostering both reliability and effectiveness in their charging experiences.

Model No.: GR-EVAD01

The Type 1 to Type 2 EV Charging Adapter serves as a practical link between different charging standards. This adapter enables electric vehicle owners with Type 1 connectors to seamlessly connect and charge at Type 2 charging stations. By providing this compatibility, the adapter enhances the versatility of your EV charging options, allowing you to charge your vehicle at a broader range of charging stations, thus contributing to a smoother and more convenient electric driving experience.

Model No.: GR-EVAD02

Designed to facilitate hassle-free charging compatibility, this adapter allows Tesla owners to effortlessly connect and charge their vehicles at Type 1 charging points. With a user-friendly design and reliable performance, the Tesla to Type 1 EV Charging Adapter ensures that Tesla electric vehicle owners can access a broader network of charging options, making the transition to electric mobility even more convenient and accessible

Model No.: GR-EVAD03

The Type 1 to Tesla EV Charging Adapter offers a straightforward solution for connecting Tesla charging stations. With this adapter, Type1 EVs can easily access Tesla charging infrastructure, expanding charging options and simplifying the process for a seamless charging experience.

Model No.: GR-EVAD05

The Tesla to Type 2 EV Charging Adapter simplifies the process of connecting Tesla electric vehicles to Type 2 charging stations. This adapter ensures seamless compatibility, enabling Tesla owners to effortlessly charge their vehicles at Type 2 charging points. By using this adapter, Tesla drivers can access a wider network of charging options, making electric vehicle charging more accessible and convenient.

Model No.: GR-EVCH01

The Type 1 SAE J1772 EV Charger Holder is a practical accessory designed to neatly store and protect your electric vehicle charging cable with a Type 1 connector.

  • Material: Themoplastic (UL94 V0)
  • Size: 80*90*145mm

Model No.: GR-EVCH02

The Type 2 IEC 62196-2 EV Charger Holder is a smart solution for storing and safeguarding your electric vehicle charging cable featuring a Type 2 connector.

  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Working-life: >10,000 times

Model No.: GR-EVCH03

The Tesla EV charger holder works great for Tesla Model S, 3, X and Y. It ensures a clean and tidy charging area, reduce the risk of tripping over tangled cables.

  • Durable and lasting
  • Great organized, enhanced safety

Advantages of GREENC EV Charging Adapter

Enhanced Compatibility

Our EV charging adapters provide seamless compatibility between different charging standards. This versatility ensures that users can charge their electric vehicles regardless of the charging infrastructure.

Effortless Transition

With our Tesla to J1772 and Tesla to Type2 adapters, Tesla owners can easily connect to standard charging stations, expanding their charging options.

Compact and Portable Design

Our EV adapters feature a compact and portable design, making them convenient for on-the-go charging. Whether you’re on a road trip or away from home, these adapters are easy to carry and use whenever needed.

Durable Construction

our EV adapters are designed to withstand regular use and provide long-term reliability. The robust construction ensures a reliable connection between the charging cable and the vehicle, enhancing the overall charging experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Tesla to J1772 adapter work with all Tesla models?

Yes, the Tesla to J1772 adapter is designed to be compatible with all Tesla models. It allows Tesla owners to connect to J1772 charging stations.

Can I use the Tesla to J1772 adapter at public charging stations?

Yes, the adapter enables Tesla vehicles to charge at public charging stations that use the J1772 standard. It provides flexibility for Tesla owners when using non-Tesla charging infrastructure.

Does the adapter support fast charging, or is it only for standard charging?

The charging speed depends on the capabilities of your Tesla vehicle and the charging station. The adapter itself does not affect charging speed; it allows Tesla vehicles to connect to J1772 charging stations.

Will the adapter work with third-party J1772 charging equipment?

Yes, the adapter is designed to work with standard J1772 charging equipment, including third-party charging stations. It provides Tesla owners with compatibility across various charging networks.

What plug do EV chargers use?

Electric vehicle (EV) chargers use a variety of plugs and connectors, depending on factors such as the region, charger type, and the vehicle’s manufacturer. Here are some common plug types used for EV chargers:

  1. Type 1 (SAE J1772):

    • Type 1, also known as SAE J1772, is a North American standard plug and connector used for AC charging. It features a single-phase AC connection and is commonly found in the United States, Canada, and some other regions.
  2. Type 2 (IEC 62196):

    • Type 2, also known as IEC 62196, is a European standard plug and connector used for AC charging. It supports both single-phase and three-phase AC connections and is widely used across Europe and other regions.
  3. CHAdeMO:

    • CHAdeMO is a DC fast charging standard primarily used by Japanese and some other Asian electric vehicles. It features a large, high-current connector capable of delivering high-power DC charging.
  4. CCS (Combined Charging System):

    • CCS is a DC fast charging standard that combines the Type 2 connector for AC charging with additional DC pins. It is prevalent in Europe and gaining popularity in other regions, including North America and parts of Asia.
  5. Tesla Connector:

    • Tesla vehicles typically come with a proprietary connector designed for use with Tesla’s Supercharger network and Destination Chargers. Tesla vehicles can also use adapters to connect to other charging standards such as J1772 or CCS.

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