About Us

GREENC is a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic vehicle charging products in China, we own 5 years of research, development and producing experience in the EV charging field, specialized in providing top-quality and creative home EV charging equipment to customers worldwide. Our product range mainly contains DC fast charger and AC EV charger, such as AC potable EV charger, charging cables and plugs, charging wall boxes and other charging accessories related. We are dedicated to provide OEM and ODM service globally.

Safety and Reliability

We extremly concern about the product which provide to customers with full safety and reliability, we using the high-quality eco-friendly materials, and stritly abide production process, our quality team is carefully inspecting every product details before shipping, all products comply with ROHS, CE, FCC, ETL,  etc., cetificates.

Our Warranty

GREENC provides all the EV charging products with a comprehensive 2-year warranty. The products are designed with precision and expertise, guaranteeing top-notch performance and reliability. Meanwhile, based on the requirements of policies and regulations in different regions, we can also provide customers with personalized solutions to extend the warranty period.

Our Service

GREENC upholding the customer-centered principle, we provide highly customized service to cater to ever-changing demands, with the traceable and stable global supply chain enables customers to enjoy the swift, meticulous and efficient after-sell service of our company, without worriers behind.

Our Goal

GREENC has always been cared about the climate change of the earth, there’s a growing demand to reduce global carbon emission and create a more sustainable transportation , It’s commonly considered electric vehicles are better for the environment.

We aim to produce high performance EV charging products to customers, and hope that through our endeavour, the users can be obtained the convenient charging and contributed to decline pollution, to build a greener environment.

Reimage the future with GREENC-EV.

GREEN ev charging cable
GREENC customized ev charging cable

Key Advantages of GREENC

We always keep improving ourselves, to overcome every abstacle, that’s why we stand out from the competition.

On-Site Manufacturing

Our team of skilled professionals who focus on every single details of EV charger, from design to sample to finshed product, all process under micromanagement, in order to satisfy customers expectation.

Range of EV Charging Products

Our product contains AC (7KW, 11KW, 22KW) chargers, charging cables and accessories comply with different charging standars (IEC, SAE, GB/T), to adapt various charging requirments.

Budget-Friendly Prices

We take the initiative to manufacture the product ourselves, eliminating unnecessary markups and middlemen costs, help you save cost from the beginning.


We provide a positive custmoer service before and after the sale, our staff are paitented to deal with every inquiry, we deliver sample to you within 3weeks and guarantee mass productions in 5-6weeks.

Benefits of Traceability

Our traceable testing report enables customers to enjoy the safety, meticulous and efficient service of our company, we maintain strict quality control standards.

Workable for Different Fields

We have customized home and commercial solutions to meet special charging needs of families, business or industries.

Solutions Tailored for All industries

Parking Operators
Green Housing
Property Developers

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