EV Charging for Parking Operators

Optimize Your Parking Business with EV Charging Solution

Introducing our charging solutions into your  parking lot, you will obtain more EV drivers go to park their cars and create new revenue channel.

GREENC will help you to manage and operate the EV charging infrastructure efficiently with our up-to-date charging systems.

EV charging solutions for parking lots

How We Can Benefit You and Your Customers

Sustainability Goals

Property owners or managers with sustainability goals may consider installing EV charging stations as part of their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and supporting clean transportation options.

Increase Revenue Stream

By providing EV charging facilities to users, you can get the charge for the electricity they consume, that creates a new revenue stream.

Competitive Advantage

Having EV charging stations sets the parking lot apart from competitors that do not offer such amenities. That will be attracted to environmentally conscious consumers and businesses.

Cooperation Chances

That’s a good opportunity for you with local organizations, utilities to looking to promote sustainable transportation options. These collaborations can provide additional revenue stream.

Improve Public Image

Parking lot owners that invest in EV charging solutions demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. That will be improved their reputation in local regions.

Appeal More Consumers

Having EV charging stations in you parking lot, that will attract couples of customers, generating income from charging services.

All-In-One Charging Solutions for You

With the ever-increasing adoption of electric vehicles, maintaining a well-established charging infrastructure is paramount to ensuring the continued relevance and adaptability of your parking operation in serving a dynamic and evolving market.

EV Charging Manage Service

We can tailored Charging Service Management System for entertainment and sports venues, designed to oversee and optimize the utilization and performance of charging infrastructure. This system delivers real-time data monitoring, enables efficient management of charging equipment status, and streamlines payment processing.

Scalable EV Charging Solutions

We acknowledge that your needs may undergo changes over time. Consequently, our solutions are not only personalized but also adaptable and scalable. They can be effortlessly expanded or modified to accommodate the expansion of your customer base, the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, or the emergence of novel technologies.

Affordable Price

Our pricing type is strategically crafted to accommodate businesses of all scales and financial capacities. Regardless of whether you manage a compact parking area or oversee a sizable fleet, we offer a diverse range of pricing options and packages that can be customized to align perfectly with your distinct needs and resources. We uphold stringent standards across the board for all our products. Our charging stations are meticulously fabricated using premium materials and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring their durability and consistent, high-speed charging capabilities for all categories of electric vehicles.

Recommended Products

  • Current: 32A/40A/48A
  • Output Power: 7kW, 9.6kW, 11.5kW
  • Intelligent dual temperature control
  • Different styles for choose (classic, premium)
  • Voltage: 220V-480V
  • Output Power: 7kW(1 phase), 11kW(3 phase), 22kW(3 phase)
  • Scratch-resistant surface design
  • Optional styles (classic, premium)

Model No.: GRC-EV48A02US/GRC-EV32A02EU/ GRC-EV32A03EU

  • Continuous monitoring of charging status in real-time
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Comprehensive safety safeguards
  • Manage your device on phone simply

Mold No.: GRS1-EV48A03US/ GRS1-EV32A04EU/ GRS1-EV32A05EU

  • Full safety protection
  • Simple setup for indoor or outdoor use
  • Enable multiple cell phone control for convenient family use.
  • Tailored color and size to meet client preferences

Mold No.: GRS2-EV48A04US/ GRS2-EV32A06EU/ GRS2-EV32A07EU

  • Customize logo and color
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Features RFID, APP, and OCPP support
  • Ideal for residential using or commerical using

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  • Multiple charging solutions available
  • Compatible with most EVs
  • Adaptable for different types of businesses
  • Durable and workable safety features