EV charging station brands in Thailand

The Top EV Charging Station Suppliers in Thailand


Thailand is rapidly emerging as a key player in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs), reflecting a global trend toward sustainable transportation. As the demand for EVs grows, so does the need for robust charging infrastructure. In this context, Thailand is witnessing a noteworthy surge in EV charging station installations, reflecting a commitment to greener mobility solutions.

The famous Local EV charging station Brands in Thailand

1. Sharge


Sharge is a Thai company that offers smart and convenient EV charging solutions for home, workplace, and public use. Sharge provides AC and DC fast chargers, as well as wireless charging solutions. Sharge also provides cloud-based software and mobile app for EV drivers and station owners to access and manage their charging sessions. Sharge was founded in 2018 and has installed over 1,000 charging points across Thailand. Sharge has CE, UL, and ISO certificates for its products.

2. Elexa

ELEXA charging

Elexa is a Thai company that specializes in providing EV charging equipment and services for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Elexa offers AC and DC fast chargers, as well as smart charging solutions that integrate with renewable energy sources and grid management systems. Elexa also provides installation, maintenance, and consulting services for EV charging projects. Elexa was founded in 2017. Elexa has CE, UL, and ISO certificates for its products.



EVLOMO is a Thai company that develops and manufactures EV charging infrastructure and software for the Southeast Asian market. EVLOMO offers AC and DC fast chargers, as well as ultra-fast chargers that can deliver up to 350 kW of power. EVLOMO also provides smart charging solutions that integrate with grid management systems, payment platforms, and remote monitoring and control services. EVLOMO was founded in 2018 and has raised over 50 million USD in funding. EVLOMO has CE, UL, and ISO certificates for its products.

4. Evolt


Evolt is a Thai company that provides charging infrastructure for any kind of EV, such as cars, buses, trucks, and ships. Evolt offers AC and DC fast chargers, as well as high-power chargers that can deliver up to 350 kW of power. Evolt also provides smart charging solutions that integrate with renewable energy sources, grid management systems, and digital services. Evolt is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, and has operations in over 175 countries. Evolt has CE, UL, ISO, and FCC certificates for its products.

Electric Vehicle Trends in the Current Market in Thailand

how green are Evs for the planet

1. Growing Embrace of EVs

There is a rising interest in electric vehicles in Thailand as consumers become more environmentally conscious, leading to increased EV adoption.

2. Expanding EV Charging Infrastructure

Thailand is likely to experience an expansion of EV charging infrastructure, supported by government initiatives and private investments.

Public and private entities may contribute to the development of charging stations in urban areas, along highways, and in commercial spaces.

3. Government Initiatives and Incentives

Government incentives, such as tax breaks, subsidies, and supportive policies, may play a crucial role in encouraging both the adoption of electric vehicles and the expansion of charging infrastructure.

4. Partnerships and Collaborations

Collaborations between the government, private businesses, and international organizations may drive initiatives to enhance EV charging accessibility and convenience.

5. Focus on Fast-Charging Technologies

The adoption of fast-charging technologies, including DC fast chargers, is likely to increase to address range anxiety and make EVs more practical for daily use and long-distance travel.

6. Integration with Renewable Energy

Thailand’s push towards sustainability may lead to the integration of EV charging infrastructure with renewable energy sources, aligning with broader environmental goals.

7. Technological Innovations in EV Chargers

Expect continued advancements in EV charger technology, including smart charging features, connectivity, and improved user interfaces to enhance the overall charging experience.

8. Focus on Home and Workplace Charging

Home and workplace charging solutions are likely to gain popularity, enabling EV owners to charge conveniently at their residences or workplaces.

9. Support for Electric Two-Wheelers

In addition to four-wheeled vehicles, there may be increased support and infrastructure development for electric two-wheelers, such as electric scooters and motorcycles.

10. Rising Demand for EV Chargers in Public Spaces

Businesses, shopping centers, and public facilities may witness a growing demand for EV charging stations, reflecting the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road.

11. Digital Integration and Payment Solutions

EV charging infrastructure in Thailand may become more digitally integrated, with features like mobile app integration, real-time status updates, and various payment options.


Thailand’s EV charging landscape is witnessing a transformative phase, marked by the emergence of renowned brands dedicated to facilitating sustainable mobility. Sharge, Elexa EV, EVLOMO, and Evolt are at the forefront, driving innovation and accessibility in EV charging infrastructure. As Thailand continues to embrace electric vehicles, these companies play a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s clean and green transportation future. The concerted efforts of these brands contribute to the establishment of a robust and efficient EV charging network, fostering the growth of the electric mobility ecosystem in Thailand.