Type2 Open End EV Charging Cable

Type2 Open End EV Charging Cable

Model No.: GR-CB32A04EU/ GR-CB32A05EU

  • Output Current: 32A
  • Voltage: 250V-480V
  • Ingress Protection: IP67

The GREENC Type2 Open End EV charging Cable emerges as a premier charging accessory. Boasting remarkable attributes and cutting-edge craftsmanship, this cable guarantees a smooth and effortless charging encounter for electric vehicle enthusiasts.

Product Highlights:

  1. Open End Design. Tailor your choice of cable to your exact preferences using the GREENC Type2 Open End EV Charging Cable, which offers a range of flexible length options. Whether you require a compact cable for home charging or a lengthier one for public charging points, you have the freedom to pick the ideal length that perfectly aligns with your charging setup.
  2. Risk-Free Assurance. We take full accountability for the dependability and lasting performance of the charging cable designed for your Type2 electric car. Each EV + Charging Cable for Electric Vehicles is accompanied by a 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee, ensuring your confidence and establishing a trustworthy connection with your charger.
  3. Safety Feature. Boasting an IP67 protection rating, this cable is impervious to temperatures ranging from -20 to +55 °C. Engineered with robust attributes, our EV charging cable is designed to endure heat, pressure, abrasion, shocks, and remains non-flammable and waterproof. These features collectively guarantee secure outdoor charging, delivering peace of mind and reliability.

Mold Number






Cable Specification


TPU OD: 13.5mm


TPU OD: 16.8mm

Case Material

Thermoplastic (flame retardant grade UL94-V0)


IEC 62196-2

Charging Interface

IEC 62196-2 plug+5m cable  (customize cable length or color)

Product Dimension

Plug: 210*69*62mm

Protection Grade

Charging plug: IP65

Operating Temperature

-35°C to 55°C

Mechanical Life

No-load plug in or pull out >10,000 times.