Spiral Type2 to Type2 EV Charging Cable

Spiral Type2 to Type2 EV Charging Cable

Model No.: GR-CB32A01EU1, GR-CB16A01EU3, GR-CB32A01EU3

Output Power: 7kW, 11kW, 22kW

Voltage: 220-480V (triphase)

Operating Temperature: -35°C to 55°C


The coiled design type2 to type2 EV charging cable is easy for tidier storage, high-quality cables that are built to last. The maximum output power is 22kW, it suitable for personal and fleet use.



Product Highlights:

  1. Convenient: you don’t waste time to roll it up after use, safe and easy to use on any home or public charge point both indoors and outdoors.
  2. Reliable: Possessing superb heat and weather resistance (-35°C to 55°C), these cables can be used to charge your vehicle in almost any situation.
  3. Fast Charging: Capable of charging up to a rate of 22kW with a current of 32A depending on the maximum output of the home or public charging point.
  4. Durable: IP65 water and dust resistance, never be caught out by the weather.
  5. Flexible: The cable is 5M after stretching, the length and color is customized.

Mold Number





7 kW

11 kW

22 kW

Cable Specification


TPU OD: 13.5mm


TPU OD: 13.5mm


TPU OD: 16.8mm


220V (single phase)

380V-480V (three phase)

380V-480V (three phase)

Case Material

Thermoplastic (flame retardant grade UL94-V0)


EN IEC 61851-1:2019

Charging Interface

IEC 62196-2 plug+5m cable  (customize cable length or color)

Product Dimension

Plug: 210*69*62mm

Protection Grade

Charging plug: IP67

Operating Temperature

-35°C to 55°C

Mechanical Life

No-load plug in or pull out >10,000 times.