Tesla to J1772 EV Adapter

Tesla to J1772 EV Adapter

Model No.: GR-EVAD02

  • Output Current: 16A/32A
  • Mating Cycles: >10,000 times

Designed to facilitate hassle-free charging compatibility, this adapter allows Non-Tesla owners to effortlessly connect and charge their vehicles at Tesla charging points. With a user-friendly design and reliable performance, the Tesla to J1772 adapter ensures that  type 1 electric vehicle owners can access Tesla charger options, making the transition to electric mobility even more convenient and accessible

Product Highlights:

  1. Universal Compatibility. The Tesla to J1772 charging adapter offers universal compatibility, allowing Non-Tesla electric vehicles to seamlessly connect and charge at Tesla charger, expanding the charging options for J1772 vehicles.
  2. Enhanced Access. By using this compact adapter, Type1 vehicle drivers gain access to a wider network of Tesla supercharger infrastructure, ensuring they can conveniently charge their vehicles at various locations.
  3. Streamlined Charging Experience. The adapter simplifies the charging process, providing a straightforward and efficient solution for Non-Tesla owners to use Tesla charging stations, promoting a smoother and more accessible electric vehicle charging experience.

Mold Number






Case Material

Thermoplastic (flame retardant grade UL94-V0)



Adaptor Lifespan

>10,000 times


Cooper alloy, silver plated